The Equal Opportunities Commission

The Basic Regulations of the University of Wuppertal ("Grundordnung") of 2015 regulate the office of the Equal Opportunities Commission in § 11 IV as follows:

"In order to advise and support the university and the Equal Opportunity Officer, an Equal Opportunities Commission shall be formed in accordance with § 24 II HG. The Equal Opportunities Commission consists of sixteen elected members as well as the Equal Opportunities Commissioner as the chairperson with voting rights; the four member groups according to § 11 I HG shall be equally represented in it. The members of the Equal Opportunities Commission shall be elected by the Senate separately according to groups; their term of office shall correspond to that of the Senate. Further details shall be regulated by rules of procedure." (Translation)

The Equal Opportunities Commission is elected by the Senate for the term of office until 31.03.2024.


Motions that fall within the remit of the Equal Opportunities Commission can be submitted by the faculties. The motions must be submitted to the chairperson, Prof. Dr. Halbfas (halbfas[at], at least two weeks before a meeting date. The chairperson decides on the moment of deliberation depending on the scope of the agenda.

Members of the Equal Opportunities Commission

University teachers

Prof. Dr. Volker Remmert, Faculty 1
Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann, Faculty 3
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Tutsch, Faculty 6
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Miriam Schwarzenthal, School of Education

Academic staff

Dr. Volker Mittendorf, Faculty 2
Dr. Julian Rautenberg, Faculty 4
Charlotte Reinhardt, Faculty 7
Dr.-Ing. Gabriele Hoeborn, IZ III

Staff in technology and administration

Kirsten Jacobi, Faculty 1
Christiane Freyer, Faculty 6
Anke Helfer, Faculty 7
Bettina Sattler, School of Education


Solveig Klebert, Faculty 1
Konstanze Wagner, Faculty 4
Megan Zipse, Faculty 4


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