Office of the Equal Opportunities Officer

Office of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer

For all questions concerning gender equality at the university, you can contact the Equal Opportunities Officers confidentially and without any commitment. You can either contact us directly via the e-mail addresses below, or via our function e-mail address gleichstellungsbeauftragte[at] More information on who to contact can be found at the bottom of the page.


Who do I contact?

All enquiries will of course be treated confidentially. Even if you are not sure whether your concern fits with us - write to us or call us! If necessary, we will forward you to the appropriate service.

You are...

  • a student or a staff member in technology and administration: Ms Vanessa Warwick is your contact person for these status groups.
  • an academic staff member or a professor: Please contact Prof. Dr. Brigitte Halbfas.
  • an external person: Please contact our secretariat. Ms Kamphausen will forward your enquiry accordingly.

Other important contacts

You can find other contacts and services of the University of Wuppertal here:

Further contacts:

More information about #UniWuppertal: