Decentralised Equal Opportunities Officer

Faculties appoint Equal Opportunities Officers and their deputies. The Decentralised Equal Opportunities Officers work towards the inclusion of aspects relevant to equal opportunities in the fulfilment of the faculty's tasks. They can participate in meetings of the faculty councils and the appointment committees and other committees of the faculty as deputies of the central equal opportunities officers with the right to speak and propose motions. They are informed about all relevant matters and invited to all committees. Their term of office is 2 years.

In addition, the decentralised equal opportunities officers are the contact point for equal opportunities issues in their organisational units. They are involved in an advisory capacity in the updating of the equality plans and contribute to the faculty-appropriate profiling.
The Decentralised Equal Opportunities Officers support the Central Equal Opportunities Officer at faculty level and thus help to shape the university's own equality goals.

Task profile of Decentralised Equal Opportunities Officers

Acting Decentralised Equal Opportunities Officers

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